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A Musical Moment

Here is a musical moment I will never forget... For the past few years, I have been scheduling a few performances a year at senior communities because quite honestly they are some of the most rewarding life experiences. The communities vary of course, in age and in abilities, but no matter what, they are appreciative and ever so grateful.

Here is a story that will stay with me forever…

I gave two evening performances at a community in Florida where I sang the great songs of Rodgers & Hammerstein, Lerner & Loewe, Henry Mancini, Noel Coward, Cole Porter and more. Following the first performance, there was a dessert reception during which I could mingle with the audience members and listen to their stories, many of which began with, “I remember the first time I saw a Broadway show…” or, “When you sang Over The Rainbow, I remember a time I was dancing with my late wife…” and more.

But there was one woman in particular, Rosie, who was rather frail, and needed assistance, but she would not have missed the concert for the world. She looked at me, grabbed my hand and said, “Thank you for bringing back memories I had forgotten. You have made this a wonderful evening for me.”

The reception ended and we all parted ways until the next evening for the second show. At the end of the second show, the Director of the community came up to the stage to thank everyone for their hard work in making the evening possible, and he ended by taking a moment of silence for Rosie, who after the previous night's performance, passed away peacefully in her sleep reliving some of the memories she had forgotten.

That was a moment I will never forget…



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