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What the heck is all that stuff?

I didn’t become a grandmother until I was 65 years old. Friends I went to school with are now great-grandparents. But I’m okay with that. Except my body could probably have handled it better 20 years ago. I’ve been thinking about how times have changed over the many years since I was a first-time mom. Things in the baby world have changed almost as much as technology. So, I thought I would begin sharing some of my thoughts with ‘the Universe’ of technology. I’m not a journalist, or a novelist, or anything like that. I’m just a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister and, yes, thankfully, still a daughter myself. So here is my first post for the Grammie Chronicles.

If you’re getting ready to be a first-time grandmother, here are a few pointers that I discovered. Stay tuned. There will be more.

  • Join a gym. And go to it. You have no idea how unprepared your body will be for handling a toddler. And infants become toddlers really, really quickly.

  • Walk through the baby equipment section of a nearby department store, but be prepared for a shock. What the heck is all that stuff? At least become familiar with the names of some of it so you won’t appear too naïve. And try not to look at the prices. Yikes!

  • Bring all your kids’ old toys out of the basement to get them cleaned up and ready for the next generation. Start early…like as soon as you see the first sonogram of a grape. Because it takes a long time to get the toys and books ready as you reminisce over each one.

  • Do NOT. I repeat…do NOT…post the exciting news on any social media outlet…or tell Great Aunt Susie or anyone else until you have permission from the soon-to-be parents.

  • Strike the following from your vocabulary: “I’m never going to do that when I’m a grandmother!”

But above all…savor the new experience!

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