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Baby Sense

Baby sweetness. On the plane on the way back from Florida, little A and I were in the middle seat with Jeffrey on our left and an elderly woman on the right. The elderly woman struck up a conversation and was telling me in a voice tinged with sadness that this is most likely her last visit to New York City. She plans to see several Broadway shows to sit on the park benches and watch the world go by.

She said, "New York City is certainly not the place it was when I lived there 50 years ago," and I immediately started thinking to myself, "That's for sure. Time Square is no longer prostitutes and shady characters it's now painted "ladies" and Disney characters," but that's an entirely different thought. She went on to say how Austin reminded her of her own son (who is no longer here) when he was that age, and at that very moment, Austin quit what he was doing, looked her square in the eyes with a huge grin and grabbed the elderly shaking fingers of this sweet lady as she moved her hand to meet his.

He held her hand and her gaze for about a minute or two which is a pretty long time in baby land. Eventually he loosened his grasp and turned away, and she said to me, "Take care of him. The children are our future." - at which point I wanted to break out and finish the Whitney Houston lyrics "...teach them well and let them lead the way…" But I didn't. Instead, I sat quietly with tears welling up in my eyes telling myself I must remember this moment. I do believe that babies have instincts we don't feel anymore or that we ignore as adults, and in watching the little ones we can continue to learn learn lessons every day. ‪

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