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"There is so much more to discover about life when you learn to listen to your creative senses. . .the senses that make up our individual image-nations. New ideas, stories, music, art, technology are all created within these worlds, and that's the power of IMAGINATION.​ After imagination comes INSPIRATION. I have been inspired by so many things in life - music, people, nature, art, literature, almost everything around me. I strongly believe that we, as individuals, must first recognize what inspires us, then take the time to appreciate it, and finally pass along that inspiration to the younger generations.​ Last is HARMONY - in all definitions of the word, but most importantly in the music sense. Music is a language that has no boundaries. It's a method of communication that needs no words to be understood. It's a way to express emotions.

These three words can guide us in everything we do. They certainly guide me in both design and in song."​       


--Shana Farr

PURE IMAGINATION by Shana Farr is America’s first jewelry collection that is designed to create an interactive bond with the person who wears a signature piece. Uniquely a professional singer and jewelry designer by trade, Shana Farr listens to her creative inner voice as she fashions collections that can carry secret messages and have a private, personal meaning for the jewelry lover. Designed to unlock the imagination of the woman who wears her exquisitely crafted silver jewelry, Shana Farr instills a message of sentiment into every piece.


PURE IMAGINATION by Shana Farr debuts with a signature jewelry collection that speaks directly to the emotions and style of the contemporary woman of all ages and diversity.  PURE IMAGINATION stands apart from the cluttered jewelry marketplace in the persona of Shana Farr and her design vision of exquisite jewelry that sends her message of Imagination, Inspiration and Harmony.

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