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11 Months, 11 things learned!

In 11 months, here are 11 of the MANY things I've learned:

1. Baby boys have a lot of energy!

2. Babies are very curious and observant. He will stare people down on the subway train until he gets their attention, and it can be rather woman actually moved saying, "I don't like being stared at." Manners will have to be taught very soon, and I'm sure many uncomfortable moments are in our future.

3. Before speaking, they can chew you out, call you out, and tell you with one look, "it wasn't me..."

3. Babies mimic. For several weeks, he was making an evil exorcist sound and I couldn't figure out where he heard that... until one day while frustrated at my computer, I realized the noise I was making...the evil exorcist sound…I wonder if my head was spinning also.

4. Buy as many gates as possible - obstacle course for you, safe play area (cage) for baby.

5. Keep the bathroom door closed. No explanation needed, just do it.

6. Babies can "sing" a G above high C at very interesting and mostly inappropriate times.

7. Mommy needs to keep his fingernails short…not for his good, but for hers! Ouch!

8. Just because he can pull himself up in bed doesn't mean he can get himself 2:00am.

9. Only buy toys with a MUTE button or you will start to hear them in your sleep...

10. Never leave shoes on the floor, never leave dropped food on the floor… just never leave anything on the floor!

11. I didn't know just how amazing it would be to watch a little person figure something out - such as turn a page in a book, find his bottle, play peek-a-boo, realize who he is in the mirror…and who you are, and more importantly see the pure excitement on his face when his daddy walks through the door.

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