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As I have been experiencing this new chapter in my life with my little one, I'm realizing that it is not only a time filled with love, wonder and amazement, but it's also full of "experiments" that sometimes don't turn out the way I thought they would....Duh-Mommy!


If I ever need an answer to any sort of question, such as, "what should a baby's poo look like after eating beets?" Grammie (my Mom) has the answer. This is where she will be posting her thoughts and ideas about being a Grammie, not only for my Little A but also for his cousins C and G!

Grammie Chronicles

Almost every day, I think of something new I need to remember to teach my little one, to show him, or to let him experience for himself. These are promises I hope to fulfill as we take this journey together.

I promise...

I am very lucky and happy to wear many hats...and sometimes I get to sing it out loud!


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