The BABY Promise Ring is a simple yet elegant design of 14K or 18K Yellow, White or Rose Gold that can be worn on its own, with other rings or on a chain around your neck. Having worked at Harry Winston on Fifth Avenue, Shana Farr developed an appreciation for exquisite design,  quality and comfort which is evident in this enduring BABY Promise Ring. Each ring is created at one of New York's top jewelry ateliers and is then engraved with your individual BABY Promise Number. Become part of the BABY Promise  Family and help to inspire, guide, lead, teach, and care for the younger generation, always conscious of the responsibilities that come with raising a child.

Your copy of the BABY Promise Poem

Along with the ring, you will receive the BABY Promise Poem printed on a 5x7 transparent vellum sheet that can easily be framed on top of a photo of your child(ren). This is for you to re-read when you need to be reminded (as we all do!) and to read with your child(ren) as they grow.

Engraved with your personal BABY Promise Number

Perfect as a birth present for mothers-to-be and new mothers as well as for those who already live by these words and have made this commitment.


But age doesn't matter... your baby is always your baby and if you are now watching your little ones care for their little ones, you can wear this ring as you guide, lead and encourage those of us who have just embarked on this wonderful journey.

One for all / One for each!

Wear one BABY Promise ring for all your children or make individual promises to each child - the choice is yours. There is no wrong or right way, follow your instincts and your style. Make it a pinky ring, a thumb ring, wear it with your wedding set or on a chain around your neck.