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Then comes... 


First comes...


Jewelry with a Promise

I Promise...

To love you unconditionally,

To help you find your way.
To listen to your thoughts and dreams
And guide you when you stray.
To teach respect and gratitude
And give the same to you.
To help you find the beauty in

Yourself and others too.


With a child, comes unconditional love and new responsibilities.

Make a promise to your little one, and remind yourself everyday with

BABY Promise.

The Ring

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A simple, elegant design of Yellow, White or Rose Gold that comes with the BABY Promise poem printed on vellum to be framed on top of a photo of your child(ren). Read it when you need to be reminded (as we all do!) of these words and read it with your child(ren) as they grow.


Are you a Grammie or Nana? Your baby is always your baby.

If you are now watching your little ones care for their little ones, make this promise and

wear this ring as you guide, lead and encourage those who have just embarked on the wonderful journey of motherhood.

A Mother's Style

Wear one BABY Promise Ring for all your children or make individual promises to each child -

the choice is yours. There is no wrong way or right way, follow your instincts and your style.

Make it a pinky ring, a thumb ring, wear it with your wedding set, or on a chain around your neck.


"After my little one was born, a whole new world opened up. Things that once seemed to be so important moved to the back of my mind. I quickly realized I was responsible for this little person - for everything in his world from infant to toddler to little young man! And there are a lot of things he needs to learn - a lot of things I need to teach him, to show him, to instill in him and to help him believe he can be anything he wants to be.


So I made a promise to my little boy...a Baby Promise, and knowing I would probably need to be reminded of these words every day, probably more than once, I decided I needed something special. I suppose I could tie a string around my finger, but with my many years  in the jewelry industry, I decided to design a ring so I would be conscious of and reminded of my new and important responsibilities."  - Shana Farr

"It's not blingy or overstated. It's simple but strong...

as the promise I made when my babe came along."

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